Kea DHCP server

Kea DHCP server is the new DHCP server from ISC. Their documentation is good in some parts and absolutely horrible in most parts. Kea adds a database back end to make things easier maintain and configure but they don’t have any documentation about configuring database back end. It took me forever to find bits and pieces of information to get mine up and running. Looking back at mine now I wish I had done even more fine tuning but I can do a rolling upgrade next maintenance window.


Tomcat installation on Red Hat 7 in an Enterprise environment

This article is about how installed Tomcat 7 on Red Hat 7. This is the way I have found to work the best in my environment. Other people might disagree and I guarantee there is a 100 different ways to do this but this works for me. I have a lot tomcat servers running under heavy loads and have had close to zero downtime. The only reason for downtime on these server is from environmental factors not the servers themselves. Example power went out and the UPS blew a capacitor at the same time. That sucked but things like that make life exciting. I just want to clarify no physical server has zero down time. My Vmware servers are zero down time but its comprised of several servers. Well lets started.


Outdoor Funace Finished

The outdoor furnace is completed and I have been running it for a few days. I have noticed there are a few places that needs some reworking for more efficiency but it heating the entire house. Here is sketchup models of the furnace. I have shortened the center feeder tube because I wanted to get more wood in it. I didn’t want to delete it because this furnace is my RND furnace so I can research burning different things in it so this might be needed later. I already tried coal and might do this again later but I need more money to get coal to burn better.



The one thing I am going to look at is that it eats wood like crazy. I can fill it up with probably 10 good size logs and get 2 or 3 hours of burn time. I think when I turn on the blower to circulate the air into the house some of the air is getting into the burn chamber and making it burn hotter but at the cost of burning the wood faster. So I need to check the burn chamber for air leaks. I thought I got all the seams but maybe I missed one.

New Outdoor Furnace

20151003_165038I have nearly completed my outdoor furnace so I can test different kinds of heating fuels while not setting my house on fire or leaking dangerous fumes into my house. The furnace is completely sealed from air going into the house. It took a lot of work but I am happy with the results so far. As soon as I complete it I will do a youtube video and upload my  plans.