LillyRND Wireless Internet

LillyRND wireless created to bring high speed Internet to rural areas that the big Internet providers have ignored for years. By using the latest wireless technologies we have started bringing high speed Internet to customers who couldn’t get it before. We believe everybody should be able to get high speed Internet at a good price without the high price of satellite Internet.

We only use carrier grade equipment for the wireless connections to your home. We also don’t leave you high and dry with old outdated equipment. We replace our equipment every 3 years to keep up to date with the latest wireless technologies. Not only at our base stations but also for each customer.

Internet speed is determined by customer base and availability. If there is only a few customers then start with a 25Mb connection and as the customer base grows the speed is increased till the limit is reached for that area. This limit can be exceeded with other technology but this cost is transfered to the customer base. If some customers only want 25Mb and other customers want higher speeds then the cost will be adjusted appropriately. If you want to stay at 25Mb and we get more customers in area then your bill will go down saving you money. You will never pay more than your contract unless you upgrade to high speed.

We understand the world is expanding to newer technologies like IoT and smart homes which will require even more bandwidth on your Internet connection. Our base stations are capable of Gigabit Internet that is 1000Mb of bandwidth. Unless you are running a small datacenter that is a lot.

Security is at the top of everybody’s mind today with all the news about cyber attacks. We have accounted for this by using the latest security protocols along with a custom in house security protocol that was design pacifically for wireless Internet connections. We use the same block chain security that BitCoin and other digital currencies use to prevent security breachs. This is the newest defense to the world of cyber security. Block chains have been around for while and have been proven quite effective but are now making head way into the network security.

During the implementation and installation of service in your area, every user will receive updates when certain stages are reached in the project. The project will be laid out to all users before anything is done.